Moving Into a New Office: Your Fire Safety Checklist

Whether starting out and moving into your first office or relocating due to growth, the process of moving office comes with many tasks. From setting up desks and phones to ensuring everyone who needs access has it, the list goes one. However, one thing many businesses forget to do when moving is make sure they

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Twenty4 Fire and Security Introduce the Smart Plan

At Twenty4 Fire and Security, our objective is to support the businesses we work with, offering an affordable, easy way to protect them against the risk of fire, burglary and vandalism. However, we have found that budget plays a huge part in the level of protection a business can invest in. With company budgets tight,

Why Perfecting Your Fire Safety Plan Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Although cutting out carbs and jumping on the #Veganuary bandwagon may seem like important focuses for January, as a business owner, your New Year’s Resolution should be centred on fire safety.   This is because over 40% of UK businesses are failing to protect their businesses, staff, customers and visitors properly, with most companies having

Weekly Fire Alarm Testing: FAQs

As a business owner/manager, you will be well aware of your fire safety responsibilities, having both a legal and moral responsibility to combat the threat of fires. From ensuring the right fire extinguishers are in the right locations to installing fire doors where necessary, there are many things you may already be doing to protect

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Twenty4 Director Joins Welsh Business Leaders to Share Views on The Election

This week, our Director and Co-Founder, David Baldwin, was invited by a reputable business publication, Business News Wales, to pass comment on the General Election. As a political change that will have a huge impact on the Welsh business community, David was eager to share his thoughts on the impact of the vote. With each

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FREE Fire Audit Tool for Businesses Launched

Every business in Wales has to conduct an annual Fire Risk Assessment by law. However, a huge 34% of businesses fail to keep up with theirs, resulting in 28% of Welsh business owners being fined and in some cases, imprisoned. In a mission to make becoming compliant an easier, stress-free process, Cardiff-based fire and security

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Coffee Shops and CCTV; The Perfect Security Blend!

Running a coffee shop is about much more than making Instagram-worthy patterns on frothy lattes, with the UK’s coffee shop culture making a huge contribution to our hospitality economy. This is especially the case here in South Wales, with areas such a Roath, Pontcanna, Penarth and even Barry bursting with independent coffee shops. From the

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How to React to a Business Burglary

Although the news is filled with stories of local businesses being broken into and stolen from, as business owners we simply never think it is going to happen to us. That’s until it does. With 1 in 3 companies experiencing a security issue of some sort during their time in business, such statistics cannot be

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Fire Safety Tips for Welsh Schools

Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities are places where people should feel safe, inspired and passionate about learning; environments that help craft students into the best versions of themselves they can be. Where any fire is regretful, for schools they can have devastating effects for staff, students and parents alike. This is why ensuring such establishments

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Fire Safety Advice for Takeaway Businesses

Takeaways and fast food businesses make up the fabric of our communities. From delivering our much-loved curry on a Friday night to sorting us out with a mid-week pizza order, as families, we have great relationships with the local chippy, curry house and Chinese takeaway. But, what many people don’t know is that running a

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