Project Description

Fire and Security Routine Maintenance

Project Details

We recently visited a customer’s property at Dolphin Square, Weston Super Mare. Our visit entailed a number of routine maintenance jobs on various devices.

These included audits of both fire and safety equipment to ensure all devices were compliant and customers, staff and visitors were protected against fire risks and security threats.


Business based in Weston Super Mare

Date Added

August 2, 2021



Maintenance Solutions

1.Fire Extinguishers –Whist at the property we ensured all the fire extinguishers were in date and in the correct positions.

2.Access Control Systems – If access control systems aren’t maintained their effectiveness can be compromised. When at the property, we conducted various checks to ensure all was in order and the system was performing to the best of its ability.

3. Disabled Refuge – Our team also conducted maintenance work on the disabled refuge, making sure the correct signage was in place and all units were working.

4. Fire Alarms – As part of our fire alarm audit, we checked the audio of the fire alarm via a drill as well as checking all other components.

5. CCTV Maintenance – When at the property, our team of engineers made sure all CCTV cameras were clean, has the latest software updates conducted and all cameras were in the correct positions.


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