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Project Details

We were recently contacted by Farmfoods in Avonmouth.

The store was experiencing issues with their CCTV system, with their cameras not operating properly or recording footage. This had to be addressed quickly due to the security of the popular store being compromised.


Farmfoods, Avonmouth

Date Added

November 10, 2021


CCTV Fault Fixing

Our Solution

When the team arrived at the property, we reviewed the equipment in order to diagnose the problem. After confirming that the cameras were working and or recording, we investigated as to why. We found that the network switch in the warehouse was only at 100mbps, meaning the CCTV cameras were struggling to operate smoothly. We recommended upgrading to an 8-port gigabit switch and upgrading the NVR due to its age. When at the property, we replaced 2 x faulty PTZ cameras and adjusted the bitrate and fps on all cameras to help the network throttling.


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