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Mrs Potts - CCTV fault investigation

Project Details

The CCTV was faulty and this would potentially leave staff and guests vulnerable in this popular Cardiff hostel. 

  • Client
    Mrs Potts
  • Date Added
    2020-02-08 13:25:35
  • Category
    CCTV fault investigation

CCTV fault repair

Following a power cut, one of our customers had a problem with the CCTV system. The CCTV monitor had stopped working and they were left with a blank screen. A quick call to Twenty 4 and an engineer was booked to go out.

The CCTV fault was down to a broken convertor

Our expert engineer soon found the problem it was down to a media convertor that had broken due to the power cut. As always our vans are always stocked with spare parts and it was a simple repair in the end just changing out the old media convertor for a new one.

The screen images were back and the CCTV system was tested before we left.

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