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5 star fire risk assessment

“Absolutely superb!” – Esther James

5 star fire risk assessment

“Very professional.” – Danielle Robinson

5 Star Fire risk assessment

“Extremely professional.” – Ceri Makan

Wireless Alarm System


Our alarm systems utilise pioneering technology and can be controlled via a mobile app anywhere, at any time.

Wireless intruder alarm systems


Our 100% wireless systems are easy to install, look the part and enhance your home security substantially.


All of our installers are highly skilled, using the most advanced installation techniques possible.

Police response intruder alarm systems


The emergency services can be informed when your alarm is sounded.

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Starter Bundle

pay just £167 today

Premier Wireless home alarm system.

Our Starter bundle includes:

  • 1x Home alarm HUB
  • 1x External wireless siren
  • 1x Wireless door contact
  • 2x Wireless motion sensors
  • WIFI and App ready
  • Professional installation included
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Medium Bundle

pay just £199 today

Premium Wireless home alarm system.

Our Medium bundle includes:

  • 1x Home alarm HUB
  • 1x External wireless siren
  • 1x Wireless door contact
  • 4x Wireless motion sensors
  • WIFI and App ready
  • Professional installation included
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Large Bundle

pay just £265 today

Premium Wireless home alarm system.

Our Large bundle includes:

  • 1x Home alarm HUB
  • 1x Wireless Keyboard
  • 1x External wireless siren
  • 1x Wireless door contact
  • 6x Wireless motion sensors
  • WIFI and App ready
  • Professional installation included
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Why Twenty4?



Twenty4 Fire and Security is SSAIB accredited and a member of the ECA for the installation of security systems. This means we possess the experience and know-how to effectively protect homes to the highest possible standard. Being regularly audited by various governing bodies, we give our customers the peace of mind that they are working with a reputable fire and security company.

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Our home alarm services are highly in demand across the UK. This is influenced by our great reviews! Check out what our customers have to say about using Twenty 4 Fire and Security for their home alarms.




Over 350,000 burglaries take place every year in the UK alone, with many areas of South Wales now being hotspots for break-ins. Being a huge invasion of privacy and causing a great deal of emotional and financial distress, homeowners need to do all they can to prevent their homes from being burgled. This is why at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we take great pride in our work when supporting homeowners, developing burglar alarm systems that make people feel safe and at ease when at home.



Where many security devices are pricey, we are passionate about offering top products at affordable rates, ensuring anyone that wants to feel safe and secure can. This is why we give all of our customers the option to pay for their home alarms in instalments via Klarna. Klarna is a payment solution that allows you to pay for goods in manageable instalments with no added interest or fees. Paying with Klarna will be subject to various terms and conditions, which will all be outlined during the application process.



In some cases your insurer may require you to have a monitored alarm system with police response. This means that when sounded, an alarm receiving centre (ARC) is notified. The ARC’s security staff will then respond, contacting the police and the property owner/designated key holder if required.

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Frequently asked questions

There are many different types of home alarms to choose from.
Below is a brief introduction to the most common options:

  • Bells-only burglar alarms – A bells-only burglar alarm emits a loud siren to alert people nearby when an intruder enters your property. This will ensure both those in the property and neighbours are alerted of the intrusion and can take action.
  • Dialler burglar alarms – A dialler intruder alarm is a little more sophisticated as it automatically contacts you or the authorities when the alarm is triggered.
  • Smart burglar alarms – Smart burglar alarms are, as their name suggests, smart. Using progressive technology, these alarms can be managed via a dedicated mobile app. Individuals with the application downloaded to their device will receive notifications when the home alarm is sounded, enabling them to contact the emergency services immediately.

Burglar alarms are created in a way that sounds off an alarm when an unwanted intruder has entered a prohibited area of your home, garden, garage or drive. While great in catching intruders in the act, burglar alarms also work as highly effective deterrents. According to a recent study, over 80% of burglars would refrain from targeting a home that has a visible burglar alarm/siren on the exterior. This means that burglar alarms are not just for scaring burglars out of a home but can stop would-be burglars from targeting your home altogether. This encourages great peace of mind at home and creates a tone of safety in your humble abode.

Although investing in alarms is great, ensuring they are working fully and effectively is important. This is because if left idle, such devices can begin to experience faults. And, the last thing you need is to experience a security issue and your equipment not pick it up.

This is why we advise home burglar alarms to be serviced at least every 12 months. These visits are what we call ‘health checks’, designed to ensure devices are fully functional and best protect your family home. A typical health check will include:

  • A discussion of any issues experienced.
  • An inspection of all major parts for any signs of damage.
  • A full check of the condition of the device, including signs of problems, water damage, dust, dirt and so on.
  • Sounding the alarm.
  • Any necessary cleaning.
  • A test to ensure all sensors are operational.
  • And much more

Please note that all health checks will be completed by a competent, highly-trained engineer within the business.

Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we can supply all of the burglar alarms at properties throughout South Wales, using a variety of quality alarm brands when doing so. These include:

  • Visonic alarms
  • Cooper Envier
  • Honeywell
  • Hikvision
  • Scantronic
  • BT Redcare
  • And many more

So, whatever your budget or burglar alarm preference, we will be sure to arrive at a solution to suit you and your family perfectly.

Installing a home burglar alarm can also reduce your home contents insurance. That’s because insurance companies will feel safe in the knowledge that you are already taking precautions to keep your property safe, regarding you as a low-risk family to insure.

If you have come to the decision that now is the right time to invest in a home burglar alarm, then we would be more than happy to assist.

For more details on our burglar alarms and the installation process, get in touch now. You can call a member of our friendly sales team on 029 2125 2424 or send an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, fill out an online quote form over on our contact page and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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