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Do the intercoms work with an app?

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At Twenty4 Fire and Security, we only use the most advanced intercom systems, many of which are managed through sophisticated yet user-friendly control systems and apps. When installing intercom systems, we can advise on intercoms integrations, creating a setup that speaks directly to your security needs and requirements.  In recent times, we have been

What are the benefits of commercial intercoms?

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There are many advantages to installing intercoms at commercial properties. From enhancing your business’ level of security to monitoring staff and visitor access, having a commercial intercom system installed at your business premises will ensure you always remain in control. To discuss intercom systems for business purposes, speak to the team.

Do you do intercom upgrades?

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Are your intercoms outdated? Or are you experiencing regular faults and issues? If so, you may well be considering an intercom upgrade, something we would be more than happy to help you with. From removing your old equipment safely and suggesting the best equipment to replace it with, to conducting the install and ensuring

What are intercoms?

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Offering a heightened level of security, intercom systems allow you to be more aware of who is coming into your property. Consequently, they reduce the risk of theft and ensure you are adhering to health and safety regulations, having a stronger grasp on how many people have entered the building.     In addition to the

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