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Recently, we were contacted by a new client at The Maltings, Cardiff. They had identified a number of fire extinguishers that needed replacing. With fire extinguishers being a vital part of any business’ fire safety setup, we were eager to rectify the issue quickly for the customer, ensuring the business was fully covered from a fire safety point of view.

We advised the client that we would attend the site to carry out a routine inspection of all the fire extinguishers at the premises and make sure the correct extinguishers were installed and located in the right locations within the property.


The Matings, Cardiff

Date Added

January 22, 2021


Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Installation

When arriving at the property, we quickly identified the extinguishers that were in working order and the ones that were not. Following on from a fire extinguisher maintenance check, we replaced several failed extinguishers and installed a number of new ones. Now, the business has a full set of fire extinguishers that are in perfect condition and compliant with all relevant fire safety standards.

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