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The Bunkhouse – Fire Alarm Maintenance

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With guests sleeping on-site, getting the fire alarm regularly maintained is both a legal requirement and essential for the safety of guests staying at the hotel.


The Bunkhouse

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December 30, 2020


Fire Alarm Maintenance

If the worst ever happens and you do have a fire the last thing you will want is you fire alarms to fail. For this reason, routine maintenance is the best preventative measure you can take. As well as keeping you compliant from a legal standpoint you will also feel more secure in the knowledge that everything is working as it should be.

Fire Alarm Maintenance in the hotel

With massive fines for non-compliance, any business that involved guests sleeping is a particularly sensitive one when it comes to fire safety. The Bunkhouse in Cardiff is aware of this and so became one of our SmartPlan customers to ensure all the bases were covered.

They have multiple fire safety requirements and so also save money by combining them with one provider and enjoying a healthy discount on the services they require.

In this recent visit, we tested the heat and smoke sensors throughout the hotel and also tested all the backup batteries. The sounders were also checked and our engineers as always checked for any previous faults on the fire alarm system.

Last but not least we will always help with any staff that needs help understanding any part of the fire alarm system and its correct use.

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