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Store Twenty One – Fire Alarm System

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Working with other professionals is something we do and we were asked to sign off a fire alarm system on behalf of a contractor we have worked with, in the past.


Store Twenty One

Date Added

December 30, 2020


Fire Alarm System

An electrical contractor, who we have worked with on a number of occasions contacted us to carry out the commissioning of the fire alarm system they had recently installed. We often work with other tradesmen to provide expertise in the fire safety and security sectors and have many of these types of relationships across the region.

Fire alarm system commissioning

There was a tight deadline on this job as our client was keen to hand over the new fire alarm system to the client. We scheduled the job within a week and our engineer attended the site to review the system design and installation with the installers. After reviewing the installation we carried out the commissioning of the system including:

  • 100% test of all devices and sounders
  • Recording of sounder levels throughout the premises
  • Testing of batteries and power supplies
  • Carried out the system programming including zoning the system.

The job completed the system was handed over to the retailer.

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