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Julian Davies Opticians – Routine planned alarm maintenance

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Here at Twenty4, we are proud to be working with all types of businesses with all types of security needs, developing tailored systems to best protect our customers, their properties and their staff members. This is why we are always happy to conduct regular maintenance checks on the alarm systems at Julian Davies Opticians; a popular Opticians found in the heart of Newport.


Julian Davies Opticians

Date Added

December 7, 2015


Why invest in alarm maintenance?

While known for developing and installing security systems for commercial properties, our Engineers advise 6-monthly maintenance visits, ensuring all systems are working to the best of their ability and protecting customers to the highest degree.

Maintaining the alarms at Julian Davies Opticians

Just recently, we visited Julian Davies Opticians for a routine maintenance call.

As part of our visit, we conducted the following tasks:

  • Carried out a service on every intruder alarm found at the property
  • Cleaned and tested all sensors
  • Checked the status of each of the back-up batteries
  • Tested signals to the alarm receiving centre
  • Ensured the customer was confident using their alarm system

For more information on what we can offer in the way of alarm systems and maintenance packages, head over to our dedicated page where you will find lots of information on commercial Intruder Alarms.

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