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Plagued by anti-social behaviour we were asked by a property management company to help them clean up the streets and cath the perpetrators in the act.


Martess Properties

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December 30, 2020


Residential CCTV Installation

An existing client of ours had previously installed a residential CCTV system across a residential site comprising of blocks of flats and some houses around a communal parking and walkway network. The site had historical issues surrounding crime and anti-social behavior. The original residential CCTV installation was completed in 2018 to act as both a deterrent but also to identify criminal and anti-social behavior and address these issues.

Working to a strict and limited budget our team was tasked with creating a solution that met the brief, made a difference and delivered on budget. We met with the management company to discuss requirements and then went away to design a system that would help reduce anti-social behavior and make criminals think twice about committing any crimes in the area.

CCTV installation success!

In the autumn of 2019, we were contacted once again to discuss enhancing this security system as the feedback and results had been so positive. Residents felt more safe and secure and the management company who were responsible for the original works wanted to improve upon this and make local residents feel even more secure and give them that added peace of mind.

One of the initial challenges that remained was the area to cover was large and so working to a limited budget is always difficult. Given this fact, lots of cameras were just not a viable option so our expert team specified smart tracking cameras with excellent night vision capability.

The product was the Hik-Vision PTZ camera with Darkfighter Technology and Smart Tracking. These cameras are able to identify both humans and vehicles and follow this subject until they go out of view. The footage is recorded and any problems can be looked at by playing back the footage for residents or the police.

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