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A new children’s play centre was opening in Newport but before they did they wanted some expert advice on the current fire safety obligation they would have.


Let Loose

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December 30, 2020


Fire Risk Assessment Newport

We recently had a referral from an existing for a new soft play centre in Newport to carry out a fire risk assessment. The business was not yet open but wanted to ensure when they did that they were compliant with the latest fire safety regulations.

The purpose of this assessment was to identify all the fire hazard risks within the premises and to identify any people that were particularly at risk. As the premises had a canteen due to be opened, kitchen staff, for example, needed to be considered.

The fire risk assessor also evaluated all the risk factors so that these points could be reported on and plans put in place to eliminate, reduce or control each risk factor.

The results of the fire risk assessment

Our expert fire risk assessor made a number of recordings of significant factors that included problems with fire doors, incomplete fire safety signage provision and also fire exits that were blocked.

Many of the findings especially surrounding the fire exits would generally result in very heavy penalties indeed, so getting the right advice prior to opening was of significant value.

Ours works included:

Repairing some of the fire doors

Installing and repairing fire stopping

Clearing and unblocking the fire doors

Installing fire safety signage

The last part of the process was providing advice on how ongoing monitoring needed to happen and setting up next year’s visit to carry out the annual fire risk assessment.

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