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Target Group – Intruder Alarm Installation – Intruder Alarm Installation

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New Texecom intruder alarm upgrades to the existing system.


Target Group – Intruder Alarm Installation

Date Added

December 30, 2020


Texecom Intruder Alarm System

One of our SmartPlan customers contacted our team to upgrade of intruder alarm system. The existing wireless Texecom system currently covered the external doors with wireless door contacts and local wireless PIR’s. The client wanted to upgrade the system to provide a panic attack button on the main reception desk and include police response in the event of the PA button being activated.

We use existing Texecom products for new alarm system improvements

The client has also asked for the fire exit doors to trigger a local alarm operated by a key switch if they are opened at any time throughout the day to act as a deterrent to prevent staff from using the doors. We have quoted to upgrade the system utilising the existing control panel, backup batteries, remote keypad, internal loudspeaker, and the existing external siren.

We installed local door alarms to the existing intruder alarm system, the door alarms notify the reception when a fire door leading to the car park has been opened and the local door alarm will also go off.

This was put in place to discourage staff from using the fire exits as normal exit doors and also adds a layer of security to the building.

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