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Get the freedom of having all your fire and security needs organised into one simple SmartPlan. With lots of people using the venue including young people and the elderly fire safety is a top priority.


Freedom Church

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December 30, 2020


Fire Alarm Maintenance Cardiff

Freedom Church in Cardiff is a vibrant community space with something going on all the time. Lots of visitors including many young and elderly visitors means that fire safety is of obvious concern. For this reason and due to the fact the building has multiple fire safety requirements including fire alarm maintenance, the customer opted for a SmartPlan in 2019.

Partly for the cost-saving but also for peace of mind, the plan covers all the routine maintenance so that they do not ever have to worry about their legal obligations surrounding fire safety.

Routine Fire alarm maintenance visit

In December we had a routine fire alarm maintenance visit booked in. These checks are both a legal requirement but also vital for safety and include checking every aspect of the fire alarm system.

The system checks include checking all the fire detection devices, the sounders, and visual warning devices and the control panel is also vigorously checked, any batteries are routinely checked on every visit too.

On this occasion, everything was in full working order and so all that was left was to book in the next visit.

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