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Music Studio – Cwmbran – Fire Risk Assessment

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With the public constantly going in and out it was really important for this new music venue to get the right fire safety advice right from the start.


Music Studio – Cwmbran

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December 30, 2020


Fire Risk Assessment

A new music studio contacted us as they needed a fire risk assessment done on the premises. The client was already a client of Twenty 4 and this was their newest venture. As the public would be private hiring out the studio the client knew that getting the right advice early on would be very important and so our fire risk assessor was booked to go out to assess the property.

We needed to provide a fast turn around for fire risk assessment

The client needed the report completed within a week so it was booked in and our assessor went out to look at the current provisions for fire safety and the current layout and products that were already in place at the venue.
During the fire risk assessment our assessor reviewed:
Fire Doors – The condition of them.
All means of escape – to ensure all were operational and clear of any blockages.
Emergency lighting – both the number and whether or not they were working.
Fire Alarm system – including checking all components and testing all devices were working correctly.
Fire Stopping – was present and intact in all necessary areas.
Fire Safety Signage – The correct signage was in place and was visible to anyone that would need it.

The report was generated and loaded unto our customer portal for the client to access whenever they ay need it. As well as the risk assessment report itself, there is also an action plan for the client of the steps needed to make them fully compliant with the fire safety laws applicable.
The Twenty 4 fire safety portal stores all the actions and reports so if a client ever does get a visit from the local fire safety officer they can log on and show all the relevant proof of compliance.

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