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Emergency Call Out – HMO Cardiff

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Project Details

We were recently contacted by an HMO Landlord in Cardiff that required assistance. When getting in touch, the Landlord explained that they were experiencing issues with the fire alarm system at one of their properties.

With fully-functioning fire alarms being a legal obligation for all rented properties in the UK, it was important that we got to the property immediately, rectifying the issue as soon as possible to ensure the property and the Landlord were compliant and safe.


HMO Landlord, Cardiff

Date Added

February 9, 2021


Emergency Call Out – Fire alarm system fault

Our Solution

One of our Engineers attended the site to investigate the fault with the system. After conducting numerous tests, they found the CTEC fire alarm system was displaying a “device missing” message. On investigation, our Engineer found evidence of water damage to one of the fire alarm sounders. They replaced the damaged sounder with stock held in his van and cleared the fault quickly.

The client was left with a working fire alarm system!

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