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Distribution Centre – Bristol – Access Control Maintenance

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With problems for staff entering and exiting the building, a fast solution was needed to ensure this distribution centre was able to function effectively.


Distribution Centre – Bristol

Date Added

December 30, 2020


Access Control Maintenance

A client called us after numerous complaints from staff about the access control system at the warehouse that they had been unable to get out of the secure doors. This was a problem as it was causing time management issues within the business and so they called the service line at Twenty 4 for assistance.

Faulty button on access control system was in need of maintenance

Our engineer arrived on-site and checked all aspects of the door and identified the problem as a faulty push to exit button. The push to exit button was only working intermittently and so as all our engineers carry various stock items on their vans he was able to change over the offending button for a brand new one.

As always before the engineer left a full check of the system was made and the client’s access control system was back to fully operational

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