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CCTV Maintenance

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We have been working with Tramshed Tech for some time now. Tramshed Tech is a bustling startup community and a business incubator, meaning it welcomes many entrepreneurs through its doors on a daily basis.

As a result, having its security systems checked regularly is essential, ensuring the property and its contents are safe. Just recently, we visited the unique property to service the company’s CCTV system, making sure all was in working order!


Tramshed Tech, Cardiff

Date Added

November 4, 2021


CCTV Maintenance

Our Solution

As part of the planned routine maintenance call, our team visually checked all the cameras on the premises and conducted a playback test on the system. Whilst at the property, we noticed that the device by the fire exit was poor quality, which looked like interference. We recommended an upgrade to the customer, making suggestions as to how the business could enhance its security.

If you are looking for a company to handle your CCTV installation and maintenance, get in touch!


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