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Residential in Barry – Intruder Alarm Maintenance

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Our customer in Barry had some minor issues with her intruder alarm as she had changed her mobile and so could not control the system from her phone.


Residential in Barry

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December 30, 2020


Intruder alarm maintenance

We had an intruder alarm maintenance call from a customer that had a fault with her system. She had also recently changed her mobile phone and as she used her old mobile to control her system she wanted to get the alarm control onto this new device.

Always worth having a regular intruder alarm maintenance visit

It is always advisable to get your system checked on a regular basis to ensure everything is working correctly and check things like the sensors and batteries. On this particular visit, a battery was failing and needed to be replaced.

As well as the replacement battery all the sensors were checked and cleaned and the main control unit was also fully tested to make sure the entire intruder alarm system was working perfectly.

Our engineers also did a firmware update on the telecom software to provide optimum performance.

Lastly, the app was downloaded to the customer’s new mobile phone and our engineer reinstalled her system onto it so that the customer was able to operate her intruder alarm from it remotely.

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