Which brand makes the best fire alarms?

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Multiple brands manufacture fire alarms for commercial settings. At Twenty4 Fire and Security, we work with several suppliers, advising on different brands for different purposes. These include Honeywell, Kentec, Firescape, Apollo, Alarm Sense, Advanced, CDVI, Vesda and more.

Will Twenty4 Fire and Security install my fire alarms?

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The Twenty4 Fire and Security team can design, build and install your business alarms, providing a full circle alarm service that has been rated 5-star on both Google and Facebook. When using our installation team, you will receive a professional, quick service with minimal disruption caused to your working day/days. Also, our installation team are

What are the different types of business fire alarms?

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Professional fire alarms can be divided into four main categories. These are heat detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and multi-sensor detectors. Which alarms your building requires will depend on the type of building and the type of business operating in it. The answer to this will be made apparent in a company’s fire risk

Does my company need fire alarms by law?

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UK fire safety law states that all businesses must have 'an appropriate fire detection system'. A detection system must be present on every floor of the building. Business owners must also ensure an additional detector in each building stairway.  Please be aware that a business fire alarm system must be tested weekly and serviced at least

Can I finance my business fire alarms?

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We offer several payment options to customers looking to purchase business fire alarms via us. We understand that installing new alarms can be an expensive outlay for any business, with paying out for alarms in one chunk being hard on cash flow. This is why we offer customers the option to pay for their equipment

How much do business fire alarm systems cost?

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The price of a fire alarm system will be dependent on many factors. This includes the brand of the fire system, how many detectors are required, the complexity of the installation process and so on. When using Twenty4 Fire and Security, we provide detailed quotes, ensuring our business customers are aware of all the costs

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