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5 star fire risk assessment

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5 star fire risk assessment

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5 Star Fire risk assessment

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Nurse Call / Panic Alarms

Your home is your sanctuary, meaning it needs to serve the needs of you and any other family member that lives there. This is especially the case if you or anyone else at home has special health requirements, needing to know that in the event of an emergency, there is a way to alert a loved one, a health professional or the authorities.

This is where a Nurse Call Button or Panic Alarm can be useful; devices that are both helpful in the event of an emergency and great for offering peace of mind when at home. Geared specifically at the disabled and elderly, these alarms and systems have provided vital support to hundreds and thousands of homes in the UK, seeing help just a click away should a resident suffer a fall or any other issue.

Providing all the safety comforts of a hospital or nursing home but in your own home, the benefits of having a Nurse Call Button or Panic Alarm are endless.

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