At Twenty4 Fire and Security, our objective is to support the businesses we work with, offering an affordable, easy way to protect them against the risk of fire, burglary, and vandalism.

However, we have found that budget plays a huge part in the level of protection a business can invest in. With company budgets tight, seldom do businesses have the cash to cover themselves to the standard they wish. What’s more, is that dealing with various suppliers and contractors can be a real headache and many companies just do not have the time.

Seeing many businesses insufficiently covered and not compliant, we wanted to help.

Therefore, we created the Smart Plan; a smart way for businesses to cover themselves.

What is the Smart Plan?

A Smart Plan is a short-term contract whereby businesses can manage all of their fire and security services, dealing with one supplier and more importantly; one monthly cost.

Covering a wide range of maintenance, safety, and compliance services, you can create one plan with the all or some of the following included:

Professional fire risk assessments

A fire risk assessment is a legal obligation for the majority of British business premises as well as buildings the public can access. These assessments need to be carried out every year by a responsible person and again if alterations have been made.

Fire alarm maintenance

Fire alarm systems need to comply with BS5839-Part 1, meaning they need to be maintained by a professional engineer at least every 6 months.

Emergency lighting maintenance

Emergency lighting systems permit a safe escape from a building in the event of an emergency. BS5266-Part 1 requires emergency lighting systems to be tested every month. This is as well as a full discharge test to be carried out by a professional annually.

Fire extinguisher maintenance

Fire extinguishers need to serviced regularly to ensure they are always in good working order and function correctly when required. It is the responsibility of a business owner or ‘responsible person’ to ensure extinguishers are serviced under the BS 5306-3:2009.

PAT testing

Portable appliance testing needs to be carried out by a qualified inspector every year. This is to ensure appliances are safe to use for everyone.

Disable refuge maintenance

Disabled Refuge systems are a vital tool for emergency services. The system allows them to make contact with people who may have trouble exiting a building in an emergency. These systems are often left idle but should be inspected by a professional regularly to ensure they function properly.

Disable toilet alarm maintenance

Disabled Toilet alarm systems are common in the workplace and premises open to the public. Thankfully they are rarely used, but when needed these must operate correctly. Due to the location of these systems, they are often misused. Our toilet alarm maintenance plans ensure that these systems remain operational and we can identify system failures that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Nurse call maintenance

Twenty4 have installed and maintained Nurse call systems in a wide range of premises, including Nursing homes, Hospitals, and medical centres. They are often used daily and due to heavy usage, we often find damaged, and faulty components. Our maintenance plans can ensure system failures are identified and rectified at the earliest possible date.

Fire door retainers

Fire Door retainers allow Fire doors to be propped open, for day to day use. They can be very convenient for businesses, but most importantly they operate following the activation of the Fire Alarm system, closing the Fire door during a fire to maintain that vital fire barrier.

Fire door inspection

Fire doors are vital to reduce the spread of fire in a building. They act as a barrier during a fire and are vital to ensure a safe exit during an emergency. They are often found to be damaged due to wear and tear, which can sacrifice the integrity of the fire barrier. Fire doors are required to have annual checks by a qualified professional to identify any faults.

Staff safety training

Whether its Fire safety training, a first Aid refresher, asbestos awareness or even working at height, we have the online training solution for you.

Fire marshal training

At Twenty4 we offer fire Marshal training at a location to suit you. The Fire marshal training course covers the role of the designated fire marshal. You will learn about preventing fires and learn how to select the correct fire extinguisher and how to use it safely

Intruder alarm maintenance and monitoring

Intruder alarm systems require regular maintenance. We advise an annual maintenance visit for audible-only intruder alarm systems and 6-monthly maintenance visits for monitored intruder alarms.

CCTV maintenance

CCTV Systems require regular maintenance to ensure they perform to their optimum level. It is also vital that the system is still compliant with the Data protection act. Under the Data Protection Act, every organisation that holds personal information has to register with the ICO.

Hearing induction loop maintenance

Hearing induction loops are essential for those with hearing difficulties., needed to be tested annually to ensure they continue to work effectively.

Access Control Maintenance

Access control maintenance is essential. The systems are Vital for controlling and managing access to a secure premise. When neglected these systems can fail. We advise Maintenance visits annually for your access control systems, to ensure ongoing reliability and control.

Electric gates/barrier maintenance

Electric Gates, roller shutters and barriers are an essential security system for some business, however, these must remain safe. Maintenance is required for all automated Gates, shutters, and barriers in the workplace, to ensure they meet health and safety requirements.

Automatic doors and turnstiles maintenance

Automatic Doors and turnstiles are sometimes essential for business. They can be used for both enhanced security and as an aid for the disabled. It is vital these remain safe, therefore we advise that automatic doors and turnstiles are maintained 6 monthly to ensure optimum performance and to identify any possible safety risks that may arise from everyday wear and tear.

Safety sign compliance survey

Safety signage in the workplace is mandatory, but are often found to be incorrectly sited or even vandalised. Therefore, Twenty4  carry out annual site surveys to ensure your premises remain compliant.

Asset management tool

Managing your systems can be time-consuming. We have developed an asset management tool to ensure all your systems are automatically checked and serviced on time.

And, the more services you combine; the bigger the savings coming your way.

The benefits of investing in a Smart Plan are huge. From saving a considerable amount of money to enjoying faster turnaround times and generally a tighter service. Having one contact that covers everything gives businesses the peace of mind that they covered and doing all they can to protect their business, staff, customers, and building.

Why choose us for your fire and security needs?

As well as boasting years of experience in the world of fire and security, we are one of the only companies of our kind striving for competitive solutions, helping businesses of all industries, sizes, and sectors. From nursing homes and schools to small start-ups, our customer list is wonderfully diverse.

Start building your Smart Plan today

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