High tech solution for a simple problem

We recently had a request from one of our existing customers looking for a solution to stop the theft of mail from some communal post boxes. Identity theft is an ever growing problem, it is said there were over 172,000 victims in 2016 alone, so we were happy to help when they asked us.

The management company for a secure gated development in a popular area of the city needed to provide an additional layer of security to the already protected block of apartments. The make up of the area with dark alley ways forming a maze of potential escape routes, makes it a favourite for chancing criminals who see the area as prime location for petty theft and car crime.

Our client had already improved the blocks security with a host of security features both from a basic common sense level like anti-climb paint and spikes to a more sophisticated level of protection provided by HD day and night vision CCTV, high security access keys and access control but one point of vulnerability was the mailboxes situated on the outside of this gated complex.

Remote Access control

The mailed had to be delivered on time!

The mail boxes were easily accessible to the public and the problem we had to overcome was finding somewhere secure to move them whilst allowing the Royal Mail to access them to deliver their mail.

  • Secure access to mailboxes.

  • Access provision from remote location

  • Secure mailboxes to prevent criminal activity.

  • Costs needed to be in line with apartment blocks yearly budget.

We suggested moving the post boxes to the secure side of the car park which only the residents have access to and fitting a video intercom so the Royal Mail can contact the staff to allow access to the secure side of the car park via a gate. A simple yet highly effective solution ton ever growing problem facing us all.
We fitted the Hik Vision video intercom for its ease of use and high quality video and audio, the external door station is located on the public side of the car park and once pushed alerts the tablet located in the office adjacent, the person who then takes the call can then decide to release the door to the secure side with the push of a button!
This solution has put an end to the theft of mail which has been a constant problem for the staff and residents.

This Trend is Set to Continue

Identity theft is an ever growing problem that can have disastrous consequences for the victim. Both the general public and businesses are being scammed and conned and many of the perpetrators will stop at nothing to gain access to your personal details so that they can takeout credit cards and other financial products in your name and benefit from your good credit. The result can be catastrophic to your personal credit status and whilst some things can be repaired the damage caused can last for years.
We are experts in the prevention of such crimes and can offer many practical tips as well as high tech solutions to help prevent these crimes forever being committed. Why not give our team a call to discuss the ways you can protect you and your family or business from being the victim.