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Chilton Place - Fire Alarm Maintenance

Project Details

A fire Alarm in a nursing home is an absolutely vital part of fire safety and the law surround them and their maintenance is very strict. If you have a care home get the Twenty4 team to keep on top of things for you.

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    Chilton Place
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    2020-02-08 16:37:28
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    Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarms Fault

An existing customer recently had a fault on their fire alarm system. It has started beeping and going into fault mode. As a residential nursing home, it was vital to get this back online as soon as possible as there were many vulnerable elderly people on site.

SmartPlan in place so fixing fire alarms is covered!

Luckily this was a SmartPlan customer of  Twenty 4 and so a guaranteed 4 hour response time was what they expected. Within 2 hours we had expert engineers on site looking at the fault. The engineer found that their advanced fire alarm system had gone into fault mode due to a problem with one of the nursing homes smoke detectors.

All Twenty 4 vans are stocked with a number of spare parts and products and on this occasion, a simple switch from old to new got the system back online and running perfectly.

As a SmartPlan customer, this customer has a number of regular fire and security services that they then enjoy covered at a discounted price. As with all SmartPlan customers the more services that we cover the bigger the discount. Services can be added and taken away quickly and easily providing you with total flexibility.

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