Sprinklers at work

Businesses across South Wales are taking all sorts of measures to protect their places of work against fire risks. From ensuring they have the correct fire extinguishers to getting their annual fire risk assessments completed on time, as a country we are pretty responsible when it comes to fire safety.

This is why we are seeing a rise in the number of buildings installing sprinklers. Sprinkler systems are an active fire protection method that sees water dispensed inside a building when fire properties are detected.

Due to the increase in demand for sprinkler systems, we have below answered a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), helping you to decide whether or not sprinklers are the right investment for your business.

How many do I need?

The number of sprinklers you will need for your premises will be dependent on its size and where the fire risks are. For instance, if one of your rooms has lots of electrical equipment, it makes sense to install a larger number of sprinklers in that room than the others.

Where will they be located?

Sprinklers tend to be fixed to ceilings, allowing the water that comes from them to evenly spread below. However, it is not uncommon to see sprinklers fixed high up on walls for the same reason.

Do they need maintaining?

Like all fire safety devices, sprinklers require regular maintenance to ensure they are in full working order. Checks do however need to be carried out by a qualified Engineer that can detect and solve any issues should they arise.

Are they an effective way to put out fires?

According to recent statistics, the chances of a sprinkler head failing to work are estimated at 1 in 500,000, making them one of the most reliable ways to control and eliminate fires quickly.

How do I know if I need sprinklers?

Sprinklers can be installed in any building or home you so wish. However, in Wales, all new and refurbished residential accommodation MUST have sprinklers. This was a law introduced following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, seeing all UK councils revise their sprinkler needs and fire safety laws.

Though there are no stringent laws regarding office blocks, factories, and the likes, the general consensus is that any building over 30m tall should consider installing sprinklers.

Who will install the sprinklers?

Whatever fire safety company you decide to go with, they should appoint a professional, experienced Engineer to fit and maintain your sprinklers. This is certainly the case with us at Twenty4, only working with knowledgeable Engineers that install sprinklers with approved tools and techniques.

How much does installation cost?

Having sprinklers installed at your place of work doesn’t have to cost the earth. This is why at Twenty4, we devise bespoke fire safety packages based on the individual needs of our customers.

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