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Business Advice: Fire Safety Tips for Winter

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While a festive period full of cheer, winter is also a season that brings its own sets of fire hazards with it. This is especially the case when it comes to businesses. Here at Twenty4, we share a few fire safety tips with you, ensuring you, your employees and your business premises is operating in

Student B2L: Why It Pays to Invest in Fire Safety

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Investing in a Buy 2 Let student property is an avenue many Landlords go down, with apartments, flats and HMOs generating great sums in rental income. However, with great reward comes great risk. This is why as a Landlord, you need to do everything you can to limit the risk of fire in your rental

Sprinklers at Work: FAQs 

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Sprinklers at work Businesses across South Wales are taking all sorts of measures to protect their places of work against fire risks. From ensuring they have the correct fire extinguishers to getting their annual fire risk assessments completed on time, as a country we are pretty responsible when it comes to fire safety. This is