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Outsourcing Your Fire Risk Assessment

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Running/managing a business has its stresses, one being the long list of fire safety obligations needed to be adhered to. While a bit of a bore for most, fire safety is incredibly important and should never be overlooked. Not only is making your place of work safe the right thing to do for those that

Hot Weather = Increased Fire Risks for Your Business

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Summer 2019 is proving to be a real scorcher, with last Tuesday reaching temperatures of 27 degrees in Wales. While great for accentuating those tan lines and our Vitamin D intake, the blistering heat does have its cons; one being an increase in fire risks for businesses. This is applicable to all types of businesses,

Fire Safety : Enforcements and Penalties Explained

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Fire Safety If you run your own business, your mind will be filled with everything from profit margins and expansion ideas to ways in which you can make the office more productive, with the role of a boss being rather diverse and stressful. This is why things like fire safety often get overlooked. However, if